What is Bitcoin?

A completely digital, peer to peer currency which can allow you to pay anyone from anywhere at any time.


It’s decentralized, meaning that there are no banks or third-party entities that have to manage your transactions, giving you total control of your currency.


It’s secured by blockchain technology, making it extremely safe from theft and can verify legitimate transactions.


Payment and exchange are fast, safe, and reliable.

How do I purchase Bitcoin?

Visit an ATM! elev8 has multiple ATM locations domestically and internationally for your Bitcoin purchasing convenience. To see where we are located, check out our ATM locator!


We offer over the counter trading services for transactions over $2,500. You can register on our site quickly and easily to verify your identity as a trader. elev8 your Bitcoin experience today!


Bitcoin can be purchased easily with a debit or credit card linked to a bank account! It’s as simple as buying anything else online.

What do I need?

Before purchasing Bitcoin, download a Bitcoin wallet! Like a cash wallet, this is a secure location digitally where your personal Bitcoin will be stored. Wallets can be found in various app stores and online.


Have your phone handy, we may need to contact you.

What happens next?

Once you purchase Bitcoin with elev8, you will then have to move it to your wallet where it will be secure until you decide to spend it. You can direct a purchase straight to your wallet or move the coin manually.

Start your bitcoin journey with elev8 today!